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Carolina Classics F-100s Facebooks truck of the YEAR.....
Congrats Amanda Hightower

1961-64 Front cab mounts

1961-64 Floor pans

1961-66 Lower door pillars

Welcome. As we move into our 35th year, we looked back over our shoulder to see just where we've been, what we did, and what we can do better in the future. We've come a long way since we made the 1st ever, fiberglass 1966 F-100 radiator support, the 1st repop Twin I Beam plastic inserts, along with the Ranger, Four Wheel Drive, and Camper Special inserts. The ever popular 1965-66 10 Pc. Chrome body molding kit, the 1961-66 CURVED billet dash, a 1967-72 billet dash, 1961-64 F-100  front cab mounts, 1961-64 floor pans, 1961-66 lower door pillars, 1965-72 center cab brace ends, and our most recent venture was 1960-67 Econoline chrome body molding kits. We STILL make most of these items, some were discontinued due to lack of interest.  Now lets see what the future holds......

1965-72 Center Cab brace

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