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Body side trim molding, complete 10 pc. kit (with clips) Fits LONG bed 1965-66 (C5TZ-8121048-B

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Body side trim molding, complete 10 pc. kit (with clips) Fits LONG bed 1965-66 (C5TZ-8121048-B)

If you are contemplating replacing the chrome  body trim on the exterior of the body of your classic F-100 Ford truck.    You'll care to know that Carolina Classics F-100's is the sole manufacturer and supplier of this extensivly sought after bright and shiny chrome trim molding kit, from the tip of the hood to the end of the bed. This molding kit has always been manufactured in the USA by Carolina Classics F-100s since 1989, and will make any 1965, or 1966 Ford F-100 to F-250 truck POP. This kit comes complete with 2 hood moldings, 2 cowl moldings, 2 door moldings, 2 cab corner moldings, and 2 bed moldings for the LONG style side bed, for a total of 10 pieces of molding or trim and with all the clips and fasteners to install it with


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         Because of the length of the bed molding being 99 1/2" long, it's OVER the standard length for the U.S. Postal Service, UPS, FedEx, and all the other shipping companies that we've contacted, Therefore a LARGE PACKAGE SURCHARGE is included by the shipper. That's the reason for the HIGH shipping rate.