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Pair of floor pans, for 1961-64 F-100 THRU F-600, 1965-66 F-350 THRU F-600, & 4X4 (C1TZ-8111100-PR)

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Pair of floor pans, for 1961-64 F-100 THRU F-600, 1965-66 F-350 THRU F-600, & 4X4 (C1TZ-8111100-PR)

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As the owner of Carolina Classics F-100's, and the owner of a 1964 S/B style side, in 1996 my cab mounts failed as well as did my floor pans. At that time nobody made these parts that I needed and I sure as heck was dreading fabricating some from 8-10 pieces of metal. I was down in Abiline, Tx. in a junk yard and found a beautiful cab with no rust or dents, only a few scratches. I asked about the price and the owner said $100 if you take it off, and $130 if I take it off.  I paid him $130 and took it home, painted it, and it's still on my truck today. I had such beautiful floors that I couldn't let them go to waste. I called my tool & die guy in Michigan, he drove down, we sanded & waxed the floors, pulled a fiberglass mold off of them, he went back and made my dies and we've stamped about 2,400 floor pans since then....

I also got the measurements for the front cab mounts and still fabricate them weekly.....

This is a pair of floor pans that fits the following: Ford Trucks: 1961, 1962, 1963, 1964 F-100 thru F-600 Series, AND....1965, 1965 F-350 thru F-600 Series & 4X4. These do not fit 1965 & 1966 F-100.