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Front Bed Sill/Crossmember (fits STYLE SIDE beds) 1963-66 (C4TZ-8300125-SD)

$160.00 USD
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Front Bed Sill/Crossmember, (fits STYLE SIDE beds) 1963-66 (C4TZ-8300125-SD)

Carolina Classic Front Bed Sill /Crossmember (with offset ends & pre-drilled holes), fits 1964, 1965, and 1966 FORD F-100 and F-250 trucks with Style Side Beds.  It will also fit fits 1963 wrong beds. They are manufactured in USA of High Quality Stamped Steel( 10gauge).  The sill mounts directly below the from of Box Panel   


If you need the front panel AND the front sill/crossmenber  you can save $40.00 by purchasing them together.


To purchase BOTH parts together and receive the $40.00 discount, use part # C4TZ-9900124-A