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Body side Trim Molding, Complete 10 pc. kit (with clips) Fits Short bed 1965-66 (C5TZ-8121048-A)

$795.00 USD
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Body side Trim Molding, complete 10 pc. kit (with clips) Fits Short bed 1965-66 (C5TZ-8121048-A)

This kit comes complete with 2 hood moldings, 2 cowl moldings, 2 door moldings, 2 cab corner moldings, and 2 bed moldings for the short style side bed, for a total of 10 pieces of molding or trim and with all the clips and fasteners for installation.

1965 & 1966 FORD F-100, through F-600 body side molding (also referred to as chrome, or trim) are made in the united states, only by Carolina Classics F-100 ford truck parts. All these moldings are actually made out of a highly polished aluminum. We actually order 200# coils of 5657-H242 alloy aluminum, highly polished on one side, with a plastic film over that side. The film is to keep from getting any scratches on the polished side during the numerous times of handling each part during the stamping of the blanks, some roll forming, and end forming. Once it's all crated up with more than the required protection, it's loaded onto our personal truck and transported to Sanford Fl. to have them peel the protective plastic from the polished side and load it onto their racks so that it can all take a cool bath in the Bright Dip Anodizing tanks. Then there's another trip back to Sanford Fl. to pick it up, bring it back to our shop in Durham, N.C. to be inspected, packaged and placed on the shelf. 

Here's one little sample of why it takes SO long to restock it IF we run completely out. Take the bed moldings for instance. Once we get our 15-17 hundred pounds of aluminum coils in, first we have to run several coils though the blanking dies. After stamping the first 450 blanks for the right side, we stop to flip the aluminum over so we can cut the 450 blanks for the left hand side. OH' and that's just for the short beds. Then we have to do the same for the long beds. This makes the blanks that will then run through the roll form machine to make each bed molding. After all of this, each piece runs through the roll form machine, then has to be stacked somewhere until they have ALL been roll formed. Next, we take each molding again and form the SQUARE end that goes to the front end of the bed, then take the right's and form the end on them, change to other dies that stamp the rear end of all the left moldings. That's when they get stacked into the crate going to Florida. 

Not counting the rest of the moldings, but EACH bed molding has to be handled 19 times before it's a completely finished molding ready to install on the truck. And that doesn't count the handling that the anodizer has to do while they are in his possession.

This is why we try NOT to run out. Carolina Classics F-100s is the ONLY manufacturer and supplier of these high-quality Bright moldings. So we can have a 100 sets in stock at the beginning of the week in the Spring or Fall, and when other dealers as well as ourselves are trying to get ready for the Spring or Fall shows, after they send in orders for the quantity that they need, we can be out of stock by the end of that week.

PLUS, we also use some of this aluminum to make molding kits for the 1961-67 FORD Econoline Vans and Trucks. You can get to these with the information below. 

Type in 8121048 in the SEARCH box to view molding kits for LONG beds, and STEPSIDE trucks.

Type in ECONOLINE in the SEARCH box to view molding kits for Econoline Vans, and trucksTrucks