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Emblem: XL Emblem goes on the side on the bed (RANGER emblem is sold separately) 1970-72 (D0TZ-9925622-B)

$38.00 USD
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 Emblem :XLT Emblem goes on the side on the bed (RANGER emblem is sold separately)   1970-72 (D0TZ-9925622-B)
This Chrome & brightly colored XLT emblem was born in the FORD factory of Detroit for a Specific reason. To be used on the upper rear side of specific 1970, 1971, and 1972 FORD pickup trucks. It's Red, White, and Blue colors themselves lets you know of it's Classy UPSCALE design. It is Specific to RANGER trucks only, but at the same time not ALL Rangers wore them. The XLT bed side emblems raised the class of some RANGER trucks to a classier level than most.The popular XLT trucks had their own distinctive trim package to set it miles above most RANGERS. 

The Carolina Classics F-100's XLT emblems boasts that your Classic truck has more sparkle, more BLING, and much more CLASS than just another regular RANGER...