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Wiper Pivot (Fits Either Side) 1961-66 (C1TB-17A548-A)

$45.00 USD
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Wiper Pivot (Fits Either Side) 1961-66 (C1TB-17A548-A)

This wiper pivot  assembly loosens in time and causing damage, making a noisy flopping sound until you can't properly attach it to the body anymore. If your pivot assembly shows similar signs of damage then it’s a sign that you need to install a new one immediately. Installing one is very easy since these assemblies are precision-machined to match OEM specs. Our wiper pivots fit either side and are designed to fit the ford trucks of the years 1961, 1962, 1963, 1964, 1965, & 1966. It would be foolish to endanger scratching your NEW windshield, just because of a faulty windshield wiper system, so order a new wiper pivot assembly today.