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Vent Window Frame Polished stainless steel , R.H. (includes pivots and pivot spring) 1948-50 (7C-8121408-B)

$115.00 USD
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Vent Window Frame Polished stainless steel  R.H. (includes pivots and pivot spring) 1948-50 (7C-8121408-B)

Just a reminder. Your vent window frames in your classic 1948, 1949 and 1950 F-1  may have a minor amount of surface rust on it, NO PROBLEM. A little sanding and paint fixes such problems. So now you go down the road, crack open your vent, and all of a sudden it's flopping every which way out of control, and in a worst case it falls out in the road. 

Now you have a problem, because the lower stem on the frame has rusted completely in to....and NOBODY makes the. New stainless steel frames are available, but no bottom pivot stems. At Carolina Classics our frame FIT. Our R.H. frames are designed to specifically fit 1948, 1949 , and 1950 F-Series trucks. Keep us in mind to save you all the trouble of doing things twice.....