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Body Molding Trim Clip Kits for Long Bed Trucks 1965, 1966 (C5TZ-2801-L)

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Body Molding Trim  Clip Kits for Long Bed Trucks 1965, 1966  (C5TZ-2801-L)


The Carolina Classics F-100's Body trim molding clip kit, has 108 individual pieces for installing your 10 piece molding kits for your Ford Short Bed trucks from 1965 thru 1966. You have 2 very small GOLD clips for the very front of the hood molding, then 14 medium GOLD clips for installing the rest of the hood molding, both cowl moldings, and the very front door molding clip. The rest of the door, the cab corners, and the bed moldings take the large SILVER clips. Enough clips and nuts for the entire job. Whether you purchased the installation kit only, or the 10 Pc. molding kit (which comes WITH the clips), we want to thank you for buying DIRECT from the manufacturer....CAROLINA CLASSICS F-100's in Durham N.C.