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Inside door handle cup, BLUE sold in PAIRS, (plastic, goes behind door handle) 1968 -72(C8AZ- 6222634-A1B)

$24.00 USD
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Inside door handle cup, BLUE sold in PAIRS, (plastic, goes behind door handle) 1968-72 (C8AZ- 6222634-A1B)

This inside door cup  from Carolina Classics F-100s, is a Direct replacement for a proper fit and easy installation. This inside door cups are manufactured with the best quality raw material to specifically fit the Classic Ford f-100 truck models for 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971 and 1972. Our door handle cups  are a Quality tested for durability and performance. Moreover, we use great-quality materials to cater you with a long-term use of a smooth feel. This handles is easy to aging as well as 
easy to clean.