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Hood Lip Molding Set (includes 6 clips) 1967-72 (D0TZ-16958-SET)

$158.00 USD
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Hood Lip Molding Set (includes 6 clips) 1967-72 (D0TZ-16958-SET)

Reproduction hood Lip molding set for the 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972, F-100, F-250,F-350 Ford trucks are made up in silver bright color. A brand new different look is to surely catch all the attention. We at Carolina Classics stock the ones made like OE. Each molding is stamped from high quality polished  aluminum, then shipped out to be Bright Dip Anodized to protect the material from water spots and tarnishing in the elements. There features are correct, with original shapes, sizes, and curvature. This Molding Lip Set is manufactured in USA with the finest quality raw materials, AND comes with clips.  The hood lip molding and end pieces match perfectly, no discoloring.