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Emblem: Front hood , CHROME & RED, (V8 style) 1965-66 (C1TZ-16607-A)

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Front hood emblem, CHROME & RED, (V8 style) 1965-66 (C1TZ-16607-A)

This wide style front hood emblem is characterized with a row of 5 stars and a red painted background behind the raised chrome V-8. This Emblem from Carolina Classics is die-cast with a brilliant Chrome finish and has been completed with mounting studs and hardware. It was originally designed for classic ford trucks from 1965, and 1966 models.

 The 1961, 1962, 1963, and 1964 Ford trucks, were equipped with the Y-BLOCK engines, and the V-8 BLOCKS didn't come out until 1965, and 1966. Therefore the emblem, with the V8 emblem were only available on those 2 years. 

But per your preference it will fit and look great on either model from 1961-66. 

Note: You may also need the rubber front hood emblem pad.  (C1TZ-16638)