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Emblem: Front Hood CHROME & RED, (6 cylinder, gear & lightening bolt style) 1961-66 (C1TZ-16607-B)

$62.00 USD
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Emblem Front Hood  CHROME & RED, (6 cylinder, gear & lightening bolt style) 1961-66 (C1TZ-16607-B)  Plus the rubber pad to keep the emblem from cutting into the hood. 

This wide style front hood emblem is characterized with a row of 5 stars and a red painted background behind the gear and lightning bolt. This Emblem from Carolina Classics is die-cast with a brilliant Chrome finish and has been completed with mounting studs and hardware. It was originally designed for classic ford trucks from 1961, 1962, 1963,  and 1964 models, for the 6 cylinder and 8 cylinder trucks. The 8 cylinder trucks in these years were equipped with the Y-BLOCK engines, and the V-8 BLOCKS didn't come out until 1965, and 1966. Therefore the emblem, with the V8 emblem were only available on those 2 years. But per your preference it will fit and look great on either model from 1961-66

 Includes emblem and front hood rubber pad