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F-100 **NEW** side hood emblems (sold in pairs only) 1967

$150.00 USD
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F-100 **NEW** side hood emblems (sold in pairs only) 1967

--      If you hurry you can be one of the first to be sporting the **NEW** Chrome and Red side hood emblems on your Classic 1967 F-100, while everyone else is still running their used originals (or RE-chromed) emblems. These are an EXACT repro of the originals in every detail. Pricey but as with any item that fits a 1 or 2 year only vehicle, THAT'S expected. Afterall, some of you are running the 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971 and 1972 emblems because it was so hard to find the correct emblems for your truck, and they were just $20-$30 less that these CORRECT ONES. Let the F-100 world know your truck isn't a clone of the 1968-72 trucks, but an ALL EXCLUSIVE CORRECT 1967 F-100. You'll be glad you did.