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Door moldings (sold in PAIRS only with clips) 1965-66 (C5TZ-8120938-PR)

$224.00 USD
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Door moldings for Ford trucks, (EXACT of originals) Sold in PAIRS only with clips  1965-66 (C5TZ-8120938-PR)

These exclusive Carolina Classics F-100s, 1965-66 Bright dip anodized aluminum door moldings, (sometimes referred to as CHROME),   They have decorated 1000's of trucks (Show winners & Daily drivers alike). ALL the components that make up the entire kit are U.S. made and while you can also find a few other dealers who offer them, you can still boast with a proud look that you just installed a Carolina Classics F-100s molding kit on your classic truck, because they are ALL made right here in Durham N.C. by us. They are ALL the same no matter where you purchase them from....WELL except maybe the price........