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Door Glass Rollers, 1 PAIR, (Plastic, With Clip) 1961-66 (C0AB-6423240-A)

$5.00 USD
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Door Glass Rollers, 1 PAIR,  (Plastic, With Clip) 1961-66 (C0AB-6423240-A) 

Does your classic truck’s window glass have trouble going up and down smoothly? You might need to check your door glass rollers and have them replaced with a durable one from Carolina Classics F-100s. If you have a classic ford truck from 1961, 1962, 1963, 1964, 1965, and 1966 model years then these glass rollers are for you. Window Rollers slide in your vehicles window track guides to allow your windows to move properly. If your window has gotten off of the track, you would experience a hard time raising or lowering them. If you find out that you need to get new window rollers, make sure you get a top quality roller that will stand the test of time. These door glass rollers are manufactured in USA and sold in pairs only.