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Tailgate Latch, upper L.H. (fits STYLESIDE tailgates) 1973-79 (D3TZ-99431D77-A)

$40.00 USD
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Tailgate Latch, upper L.H. (for STYLESIDE tailgates) fits: 1973-79 (D3TZ-99431D77-A)

Our Tailgate Latches, for the upper L.H. side (fits STYLESIDE tailgates ONLY). Sadly but over the past 40 years most of them probably never received the grease treatment that they needed to keep them in good working order and from rusting. Surely  you wouldn't want an unsightly latch on your classic truck with it's NEW high dollar paint job. It's an item that is available from Carolina Classics IF you should decide that it would enhance the appearance of your truck emenselly.