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Rocker Molding Set (10 pc kit WITH CLIPS) Fits Short Bed 1967-72 (C7TZ-9910176-SB)

$525.00 USD
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Rocker Molding Set  (complete 10 pc kit WITH CLIPS) Fits Short Bed 1967-72  (C7TZ-9910176-SB)  

This (10  piece) Rocker Molding kit from Carolina Classics F-100s, will make you wish you'd purchased it long before now. It will make any SHORT bed F-100 Ford truck stand out and be recognized for what it was intended to be from day one.  Fits 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, and 1972 Ford F-100

Made from a high quality Stainless Steel to protect it from the elements like acid rain. Included in this Rocker Molding kit is:

• Left and Right Front Fender Moldings

• Left and Right Door Moldings

• Left and Right Cab Corner Moldings

• Left and Right Bed Moldings (in front of the rear wheel)

• Left and Right Bed Rocker Moldings (behind the rear wheel)

WITH  $75.00 Correct Clips for Installation