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Chrome rear bumper (correct for the year) 1951-52

$275.00 USD
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Chrome rear bumper (correct for the year) 1951-52

This Chrome Rear Bumpe rfrom Carolina Classics is "MADE TO FIT" the antique or classic ford truck series of the years 1951 and 1952., This classic bumper features quality chrome plating to give your truck that finishing touch. P

This bumper, as well as the 1953-72 rear bumper will also fit the 1948-50, but neither one is correct for that model.

The correct 1948-50 rear bumper isn't available yet. It's only my opinion but, I think the 53-72 rear bumper would look best on a 48-50, since it is more of a smooth face, like the front is. But it's your truck, your choice.