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Body side, 1 5/8” Trim Molding, (complete 8 pc. kit, with clips) Fits LONG BED 1970-72 (D0TZ-8121048-D)

$495.00 USD
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Body side Molding Trim, (complete 8 pc. kit, with clips) Fits Long Bed 1970-72 (D0TZ-8121048-D)

This (8 piece) body side molding kit from Carolina Classics F-100s, will make you wish you'd purchased it long before now. It will make any LONG BED F-100 Ford truck stand out and be recognized for what it was intended to be from day one. 

Made from a high quality polished aluminum that has been Bright Dip Anodized, to protect the aluminum from the elements like acid rain. It's very unlikely that your restored truck will sit outside like these trucks did back in the day, so that's all the more security that it will keep it's gleaming appearance for many years to come. If you're caught peeping around the corner of a building and admiring your own truck with these moldings on it, people will understand why.

NOTE: Includes: 2 fender moldings, 2 door moldings, 2 cab corner moldings, and 2 bed moldings for a LONG BED ($450.00) and all the hardware and clips ($77.00)

The wideth on the Long  Bed Molding is  1 5/8  inches. 

NOTICE: The Long Bed Molding  (due to size) have to be shipped separately, There are approx.100'inches in protected tubes and cost more to ship than your average 16-18 pound package.