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Bed Molding for LONG Bed 1965-66 F100 Ford (sold in PAIRS only ) C5TZ-9920938-B

$395.00 USD
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Bed moldings, for LONG bed (sold in PAIRS only, EXACT of originals) 1965-66 (C5TZ-9920938-B)  The long bed molding are 99" long.

If you are contemplating replacing the BRIGHT Aluminum  body trim (look like chrome)  on the exterior of the body of your classic F-100 Ford truck.  You'll care to know that Carolina Classics F-100's is the sole manufacturer and supplier of this extensivly sought after bright and shiny chrome trim molding kit, from the tip of the hood to the end of the bed. These moldings t has always been manufactured in the USA by Carolina Classics F-100s since 1989, and will make any 1965, or 1966 Ford F-100 to F-250 truck POP.

These 2 bed moldings for the LONG style side bed, comes with all the clips and fasteners to install

These moldings (as well as ALL the side moldings for the 1965 and 1966 Ford F1OO-) are made by CAROLINA CLASSICS. You won't find them cheaper, and don't be fooled thinking that the higher priced ones are better, because they are ALL made in our shop in Durham N.C.However, we do sell them to all the other dealers.