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Emblem: 3 Point Star (6 Cylinder Grill Emblem) 1953 (BAAA-8259-S )

$52.50 USD
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Emblem:  F-100 3 Point Star (6 Cylinder Grill Emblem) 1953 (BAAA-8259-S)

If your early model F-100 is important to you and you have pride in Ford engineering and American-made products, then Carolina Classics has a subtle, stylish addition which you can put on your truck’s grille to show everyone that pride. This Chrome 3 Point Star Radiator Grille Emblem is made exclusively for 1953 F-100s to replace your original emblem, that will set you apart. The three-pointed star signifies that your truck came from the factory with an inline 6-cylinder engine, one of the toughest, most reliable engines from that time. This emblem is chrome plated for a great shine and durability for years to come. If your original emblem is cracked, damaged or missing, this is a perfect, smooth reproduction for the grille of your F-100. Just like Ford, this emblem is proudly made in the USA.