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Hood Hinge Bolt 1953-55 (sold in sets of 4) (8A-16798-S)

$12.00 USD
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 Hood Hinge Bolt 1953-55 (sold in sets of 4)  (8A-16798-S) 

A hood is more than just a door to the engine compartment but these are intended to catch the eye. However, in the process the hood hinge bolts can also degrade their quality. If your truck's hood bolts are damaged then it will seriously degrade the vehicle's hood fitment and appearance, no matter how nice the rest might look. The hood hinges bolts from Carolina Classics for the ford truck models of the year 1953, 1954, and 1955 are the direct replacement for the original hood hinge bolt. Our Hood Hinge bolts are manufactured in USA to the highest quality standards.