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Deluxe door glass channel kit (does both doors, with RUBBER wipers on the outside of the glass) 1973-79 (D3TZ-1021460-CA)

$170.00 USD
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Deluxe door glass channel kit (does both doors, with RUBBER wipers on the outside of the glass) 1973-79 (D3TZ-1021460-CA)

Do the windows rattle in your classic 1973-79 Ford F-100? We've got the cure, a Carolina Classics Deluxe door glass channel kit. This kit (does both doors), and includes 2 Door glas runs (the rubber & felt channel that goes across the top and down the back edge of the roll up glass), 2 of the Division bar rubber & felt channels, (these go in your metal division bar channel, and the front edge of the glass runs up & down inside of it) and there are 4 (2 inner and 2 outer anti- rattle strips) that the glass slide up and down between. These anti rattle strips go where you would lay your arm if the window was down. The outer strips come with a RUBBER wiper on the outside of the glass, and felt on the inside anti rattles. A popular seller that you can't go wrong on. These are manufactured in the US and are designed to fit only the 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, and 1979 Ford F-series trucks. 

We also carry the Vent Window Rubber Seals for the 1973 -79 trucks, (Sold In Pairs Only) If you purchase this glass channel kit...AND the(D3TZ-1021448-PR) vent window rubbers, this is all the channels and rubber seals you need to do the glasses in both doors.