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Deluxe Door Glass Channel Kit (Does Both Doors) 1948-52 (7C-8121460-CA)

$220.00 USD
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  Deluxe Door Glass Channel Kit (Does Both Doors) 1948-52 (7C-8121460-CA)

The Deluxe Door Glass Channel Kit for Ford Truck Models years 1948, 1949, 1950, 1951, and 1952 trucks are manufactured in USA. Carolina Classics door glass channel kits include: the 2 glass run channels, 2 division bars (go at the front of the roll up glass), and 2 Pr. of anti-rattles (also referred to as window felts, fuzzies, or cat whiskers) to completely seal your door window. All the pieces are made from high quality rubber, with felt material, to completely secure your glass from rattling.
We also carry the Vent Window Rubber Seals for the 1948-52 trucks, (Sold In Pairs Only) If you purchase this glass channel kit...AND the 7C-8121448-PR) vent window rubbers, this is all the channels and rubber seals you need to do the glasses in both doors.