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Rear Cab Corner Rubber Plug 1953-56 (352285-S)

$2.50 USD
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Rear Cab Corner Rubber Plug 1953-56 (352285-S)

Your ford truck may be one of the toughest off-road vehicles ever made, but it also has its weak points. One of these is the cab corner. Its location makes it prone to water and road salt, plus the factory drain holes on it can get plugged up with dirt, which causes rust formation. Fortunately, when replacing rusted cab corners, the first step is to remove the rear cab corner rubber plug, that's when you realize that the old one is hard and brittle and w2ill be nearly impossible to install back into your NEW cab corner. The rear cab corner rubber plugs from Carolina classics F-100s are made with the best quality rubber material to specifically for the ford trucks of the years 1953, 1954, 1955, & 1956. The rubber used in the cab corner plugs that we sell is soft but strong and very easy to snap into the hole that's made for it.