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Gauges: Set of 5 WHITE face mechanical gauges, (includes senders, doomed glass lens) 1948-1979(CCF 5WF)

$195.00 USD
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Gauges: SET OF 5 DOLPHIN, WHITE FACE MECHANICAL GAUGES (with a domed glass lens, and senders) 1948-1979 (CCF 5WF)

These Dolphin White Face Mechanical Gauges, provide clear easy-to-read displays with beautiful styling that will bring your dashboard to life. The 5-Gauge Set includes a speedometer, fuel gauge, voltmeter, oil pressure gauge, water temperature gauge,  and all the sending units to make the needed connections.  These Gauges are manufactured in USA and boast a high quality Stainless Steel trim ring that  secures the DOMED glass, and gives a spectacular finished look to your Classic F-100.

The tack and speedometer are 3 3/8in and other gauges are 2 1/16in