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Set of 6 Black Face Mechanical Gauges, (Includes Tach) 1948-79 (CCF-6BM)

$250.00 USD
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Set of 6 Black Face Mechanical Gauges, (Includes Tach) 1948-79 (CCF-6BM)

These Dolphin Black Face Mechanical Gauges with tach, provide clear easy-to-read displays with beautiful styling that will bring your dashboard to life. The 6-Gauge Set includes a 8000 rpm tachometer, speedometer, fuel gauge, voltmeter, oil pressure gauge, water temperature gauge, and all the sending units to make the needed connections.  These Gauges are manufactured in USA and boast a high quality Stainless Steel trim ring that secures the DOOM glass and gives a spectacular finished look to your Classics F-100.
The tack and speedometer are 3 3/8in and other gauges are 2 1/16in