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Lower Cowl Replacement Panels FITS: 1961-66 F 100- F600 Series (C1TZ-8102055-PR)

$160.00 USD
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 Cowl Replacement Panels, FITS: 1961-66 (C1TZ-8102055-PR)  

ALSO, if your metal hole cover plate is rusted or missing, we have OVAL SHAPED pop in rubber plugs @ this part # 390581-S----   

These pair of Lower Cowl Panels made by Carolina Classics  will cure the rust problems that your old ones have, and because they are made exact of the originals, they will also save you a lot of time. These can be installed rather easily & quickly. They are also made in the USA of the original thickness of material (18 ga), and because of the Southern humidity that we experience we had them E-coated to keep them from gathering any rust during storage in our warehouse. They are specifically manufactured to fit: 1961, 1962, 1963, 1964, 1965, and 1966 Ford F-series trucks. (F-100, F250, F350 up to F600.) Now you can have the satisfaction of KNOWING that your cowl was fixed correctly. They are sold in pairs at a price of $160.00.