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Billet dash panel (6 hole, brushed finish, clear anodized) 1961-66 (C1TZ-17256-A)

$170.00 USD
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Billet dash panel (6 hole, brushed finish, clear anodized) 1961-66 (C1TZ-17256-A)

--   To use this Billet dash panel, you WILL need one of the original ford METAL dash panels with the round speedometer.  These were used on ALL 1961-64 ford trucks and on the 1965-66 Custom Cab trucks. Simply lay the Billet dash on the metal panel and make the area that needs to be removed from the METAL dah panel. Aster removing that, you can mount the Billet dash onto the METAL panel, mount your gauges, and mount the whole assembly back into the dash.


Simply replacing your dash with an original dash bezel will give your Classic Vintage Truck the same look that most other trucks will have. Carolina Classics makes it easy to get a step above others in looks and performance, with a custom replacement dash panel that will perfectly house your trucks instruments. Our billet dash panel (and a simple modification) to your original plastic dash bezel, will put a "WOW" from everyone into your truck. Carefully designed to Fit 1961, 1962, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966 Year Ford Trucks and are precision engineered and machined in the USA from 1/4" billet aluminum. These panels provide a clean and timeless look.

1961-66 F-100 thru F-600 Billet aluminum 6 hole dash panel. American Made. Has 3 3/8" holes for the speedometer & tach, and 2 1/16" holes for the gauges. Has a Brushed finish so sun doesn't reflect off of it to temporarily blind you when making some turns.